US Department of Justice Charges 500+ Domestic Violence Firearm Cases in FY20

The Department of Justice has issues a press release concerning the over 500 domestic violence-related firearm cases charged during Fiscal Year 2020. Read the full statement on the website. “According to the CDC, data suggests that about one in six homicide victims are killed by an intimate partner,” said ATF Acting Director Lombardo…. “ATF is […]

SCOTUS Nomination Raises Critical Considerations for Firearm Prohibitions

At the time of this writing, President Trump has announced his selection for the seat on the Supreme Court of the United States left vacant by the passing of Justice Ginsburg. From preliminary reports it appears that the United States Senate is likely to approve the nomination, making this appointment inevitable. This writing does not […]

Firearms Relinquishment Model Protocol

The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and Firearms (NRCDVF), a project of BWJP, is pleased to announce the release of a new resource, Implementing an Effective Firearm Relinquishment Protocol. Please fee free to download this resource here: FIREARMS RELINQUISHMENT MODEL PROTOCOL PDF DOWNLOAD

Firearm Restriction Laws and Intimate Partner Homicide: Protective Effects by Race

In this webinar participants will hear from researchers Charvonne N. Holliday, PhD and April Zeoli, PhD about their recent study examining whether domestic violence firearm restriction laws were associated with reductions in intimate partner homicide and firearm intimate partner homicide in Black and White populations, separately.   Firearm Restriction Laws and Intimate Partner Homicide: Protective […]